Cannabis has long been speculated to help people dealing with many different health conditions and ailments. One of the conditions that cannabis is being researched to help control is Parkinson's. Currently, cannabis is being tested to see if it can help with a variety of symptoms related to Parkinson's including physiological functions such as mood, cognition, motor control, feeding behaviours and pain.

Throughout this research on the impact of cannabis on Parkinson's symptoms, the following are 5 trends that are being noticed thus far:

Cannabis Shown To Help Increase Appetites For Those With Loss Of Appetites

Cannabis is shown to help people who are experiencing a lack of appetite as one of their symptoms of Parkinson's. People who were losing weight and used cannabis as a treatment reported a positive effect in their appetite increasingand weight loss decreases.

Cannabis Shown To Help People With Parkinson's Manage Pain

Many people who have taken cannabis report a positive correlation between the use of cannabis and its ability to help them manage the pain associated with Parkinson's, especially the cramping factor that many people with the condition experience.

Some People With Parkinson's Reported Improvements In Their Tremors While Using Cannabis

Some participants in cannabis studies have reported their tremors decreasing or becoming less severe while they were using cannabis. The reduction in tremors can allow people to be able to do more things on their own while they are using cannabis as a way to help obtain and maintain that control over otherwise generally uncontrollable movements.

A Few People With Parkinson's Reported A Decrease In Their Ability To Control Motor Movements While On Cannabis

Several participants have reported that they have lost more ability to control their motor skills while using cannabis. Even if their tremors were more controlled, some participants in these studies report struggling with motor skills such as balance and controlling urinary symptoms due to the effects cannabis has on their state of cognition.

Cannabis Shown To Cause Possible Impaired Cognition For People With Parkinson's

As with the use of any substance, some study participants reported impaired cognition that was associated with their use of cannabis to help treat their Parkinson's symptoms. Others reported, side-effects included mood changes and hallucination as other cognition impairments that people experienced while using cannabis.

Parkinson's qualifies as a reason to be prescribed medical cannabis in Canada, and a number of states in the U.S. More studies are continually being done to see if people with Parkinson's may benefit from the use of medical cannabis to help control and improve their symptoms. The research is validate cannabis as a treatment for Parkinson's symptoms, and allow for wider acceptance of such within the medical community.

As far as Parkinson's and the use of cannabis go, the evidence is fairly inconclusive as to whether cannabis helps treat Parkinson's. There needs to be more research done to determine if cannabis has the desired effect of regulating some of the motor symptoms of the condition. In the future, as more studies are conducted we are likely to have a better idea as to if cannabis is able to effectively help those with Parkinson's control and even alleviate some of the symptoms associated with their condition.

Remember to always consult a doctor before starting a new treatment plan.


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