Having Severe Epilepsy control my life was brutal - for 18 years after a very brutal wreck on the Winston West/Nascar SW Tour I seized just about everywhere I went. It controlled my life even more than the nearly 50 pills a day I used to take for seizures. Today? I'll take 3 pills total for that. Before Cannabis it was 62 pills a day total prescribed for all of the different health issues I had, now it's 6. 91% Reduction over the past 5.5 years. Incredible simply isn't the word for how much this plant touches my soul and heals my body. Having Cancer again? I won't lie - it's scary. This time it's Multiple Myeloma - a blood cancer that's much like Leukemia, but rests in the marrow. I've entered a study for stem cell transplants in Kern County, Ca. (just in case).

Running a very extensive compassion program for years showed me how extracts and the actual plant itself will quickly change the lives of people suffering from so many ailments it's impossible to even list them all. One month I tracked over 450 patients that were treated with 100% Free compassion oils. Those days have disappeared as the recreational law in California prohibited the gifting of cannabis oil - trading the lives of the sick off for profits for the rich and taxes for the state. That does not touch my soul positively at all - it makes me question the values of people that vote without reading exactly what they're voting for. It makes me wonder what type of world we actually live in and what will be left for kids like our precious Genevieve when we're gone.

Will we move forward in the Cannabis Industry like all others? Will we see it transform from something new like what Henry Ford brought to the world in Automobiles or will we see this fast transformation into used car salesman personalities coming from those that were once part of a subculture of pure love. After all - the hippies started this movement. People like my biological mom who was deep in the streets back in the 60's talking it up about how Marijuana is medicine. She's gone and so are most of the values her people brought to the movement - now it's up to all of us.

Will we let the plant touch peoples souls or will we be the generation that turns the love of the plant into the love of money and forget the sick people? So far it doesn't look too good for the many that can't afford products so many are mass producing and NOT giving away - remember when you give the gift of life it will likely come back your way. Karma is something very real - build and create your own by touching someone's soul today.

Give it up - it's not that hard to give, it's actually a gift to yourself!

Mike Robinson, Medicinal Cannabis Patient, Founder Global Cannabinoid Research Center & Former Director of The American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine