On the eve of legalization, I stayed up anxiously awaiting the opening of my provinces one and only store - www.ocs.ca. I was able to successfully gain access at 12:01am.
My initial thoughts? It was fairly easy to navigate. Some product segments left a lot to be desired, while others seemed to have a fairly good selection.

The checkout process was quick and seamless, and I was offered the $5 flat shipping fee that had been advertised days before. The checkout process had no mention of Canada's Post potential strike action - so one has to assume the OCS has a plan in place to mitigate any delays as a result.

I do however think this store will be intimidating to persons who are new and exploring. I know www.OCSlearn.ca was launched to help minimize that and provide education, but I still think the info isn't as helpful as they would like it to be.

I did notice that within minutes of the store being open things started selling out immediately. When I finally decided to checkout at about 12:15am items in my cart had to be removed as they were already sold out.

So this brings the question, as Ontario's one and only store, can they in reality keep up with the province's demand? It doesn't seem that way. This provides an opportunity for the black market, which is what legalization was intended to counteract.

Anybody else able to order successfully from the store? What are your thoughts?


It's been 11 days since ordering and while my order has been accepted it's still yet to be processed. With the goal in mind that the legalization of cannabis was supposed to inhibit the black market taking 2-3wks to get 3grams of cannabis does not facilitate that goal.


Around the 18th day I got a notice that the products I ordered were in a batch of products that had been incorrectly labelled by the LP's and correcting the error was causing a delay, and that I would receive a refund for my shipping.

After a 28 day wait I finally got a ship notification, and The OCS did same day delivery so I got my order finalllllly. The products I received had minimal packaging in comparison to previous footage I had seen of consumers showing tons of packaging and highlighting the environmental issue. Maybe the OCS took heed and made changes? or perhaps its dependent on the products/brands you buy/

All in all I was satisfied with the products I received. Would I order from the OCS again? I'm not sure, this left such a sour taste in my mouth. Not just the delay but the way in which it was handled from a consumer perspective. So whether I will order from them again or not, I'm not sure yet. I think the disappointment needs to wear off.