A Healthy Community Depends On You

THESE RULES ARE SPECIFIC TO THOSE WHO WANT TO PROMOTE A PRODUCT AND/OR SERVICE, DO REVIEWS, etc.  Please ensure you are familiar with basic posting rules first as they also impact posts - view our Community Guidelines.

When we created JADEO we wanted to ensure that we would have a community that was informative, inspiring, and most importantly, safe.  Currently, JADEO is in beta with our Personal Memberships, which are free and we encourage you to sign up for one so you can enjoy the full feature set of the website - like saving, sharing, commenting, posting, connecting, and messaging.  

Soon we shall launch our Business Memberships, for companies and brands.  In preparation for this, we wanted to be upfront and remind members of our JADEO "House Rules" that apply to all membership activity and profiles - especially for those in the cannabis industry, including accessories and services.

If you break the JADEO House Rules, you may find yourself banned from the platform, and in the case of the breaking the law, the authorities may show up at your door. My personal rule of thumb, educate yourself on the law and JADEO's rules and be social within them.


(Active for Aug. 15 2018 - Oct. 16th 2018)

1. Follow The Law

CANNABIS IS NOT LEGAL. Currently, cannabis is considered a narcotic in Canada - it is illegal to have it, sell it, grow it, distribute it, or promote it.  Yes, medicinal cannabis is legal for those who have a valid prescription from a doctor.  But every Canadian is responsible to understand the current and future law.  As of Oct. 17, 2018, Bill C-45 comes into play and the law around cannabis changes greatly.  That is why we created a Special Interest Group on THE LAW.  I personally recommend you join that SIG so you can read the latest updates for your province.

2. Be Transparent

Our Business Memberships will be launching shortly.  So don't abuse your Personal Profile in the meantime.  If you want to post or write an article about your company or brand - especially if you work in - cannabis, cannabis-services, or cannabis accessories - you must be 100% transparent in the post/article (and ideally on your profile) on WHO you work for. It is just not cool to try to sell or influence people in a shady fashion.  

An easy way to be transparent is to ensure you have completed your business information on your Personal Profile, check out my Profile as an example.  You can adjust your Profile information in your Dashboard and you can still display a username if you like.  

3. Be Super Transparent If You Are Being Paid

Same goes for influencers, PR people, or an agency.  If you are promoting a brand, company, product, or person and are getting compensation of any kind you are required to disclose that and place a "#Ad" or "#Sponsored" in your post/comment/article.  You will notice JADEO's Sponsored Ads, Posts, and Articles/Videos are all clearly marked "Sponsored" and/or "Advertisement."  Just make sure you do not violate rule #4 below if you are doing a Sponsored item.

 4. No Endorsements 

Sorry Snoop.  The law won out on this one.  When it comes to endorsements the FDA (health and beauty products/services) and cannabis law have given you and other celebrities and those who may be compensated a hard - NO.  No.  Can.  Do.  So we here at JADEO also have to say, no.  And since we are Canadian, we also say, sorry.

5. Claims Must Be Validated

Sweeping claims of treatments and cures can be very dangerous.  Deadly in fact.  You are entitled to your story and your truth.  Be truthful and link back to the research and sources that support your point of view.  Linking claims to products, services, and especially medical conditions can be illegal without proof of your claim if you are trying to sell something or drive influence.  We take claims without merit very seriously.  Let's face it, we ALL wish we could have a wrinkle remover cream that instantly works, right?  But that is the same as fake news to us here at JADEO. So, best to avoid it and Report it when/if you it on JADEO.


Stay Informed. Stay Healthy.