By: Mike Robinson

Retired Judge Admits “Throwing People In Jail” For Cannabis Haunts Him After It Saved His Life:

Now here’s a new twist. The very same judge, Doug Bench, who used to put away those with minor marijuana offence without any qualms, came forward about how Cannabis saved his life in order to help the people of Florida and beyond learn the truth about prohibition. The success stories regarding cannabis are seemingly endless, and the medicinal properties of this plant when properly administered have proven to to have a tremendously positive effect on our health, so much that the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry could eventually be partially replaced – especially many of our prescription drugs. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing with knowledge we’ve all gained on both prescription drugs, which experts say in studies kill more than 100,000 people annually in the US alone, and the conventional treatments for Cancer and other illnesses that seem to make many of us even sicker than we were – or worse. When this former Judge found out that he could benefit from what he used to demonize? His mind changed quickly when his own life was on the line and that led to being a huge voice in the Florida push for approval of use of the whole plant without extensive restrictions.


This whole recovery and this judge who has came forward in such a positive manner is a great example of a change in perspective, and in his case, a major paradigm shift. Something he once believed to be true was no longer true because of his own experience in dealing with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. In the video below, he admits to throwing hundreds of people in jail for using this plant because “At the time I thought it was the right thing to do.”

When Bench was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, which can result in a slow and painful death, his life was saved after realizing the benefits of cannabis in treating his disease. Now, Bench has made it his life’s work to wake people up to the “70 years of lies” the US government has told the citizens about marijuana.

With so many fighting for their freedom across the country this is an amazing thing to see, and it doesn’t stop here – many others are reporting on Judge Doug Bench. Cannabis Health Radio did a special on this in mid 2017 in the push for the State’s full legalization of Cannabis.

Watch two videos on this here:

As A Judge He Put People In Jail For Cannabis, Now He Needs It and Talks on YouTube

The Judge Talks On Video

Prior to this 2018, the state of Florida was regarded as one of the worst possible states to be caught in possession of cannabis. According to a 2009 analysis by former NORML Director Jon Gettman, no state in this country punished people more severely for minor marijuana offenses than Florida. However, thanks in part to a former Florida judge, all this is gradually changing,

The huge American cannabis crop makes the growth Industry only 2nd to corn. That’s a huge move in such a short time. With former judges, athletes, Hollywood stars, and even lawmakers stepping forward for Cannabis – it seems the momentum just won’t stop. For us patients that’s a must. We need every last person like Former Judge Doug Bench to come forward and speak.


This story has moved around a bit with not too much attention by the media and I’ve yet to blog on it. I thought it was very worthy after reviewing it today and thinking of all the people I know that have had to go to jail over the plant. Sitting here pondering the countless times in the past we did this or did that running compassion programs and so much more – it’s a wonder many of us didn’t end up in more trouble and sentenced by a Judge, who like Doug Bench, would someday need the very plant they saw as evil and put someone behind bars for.

I’m thankful for Doug Bench and hope more like him step up to the plate and admit they were wrong. Admit that the people are right and that we’ve been dealt with unjustly by a government that seems to do no wrong while it’s people die needing a plant that they have a patent on. There’s no smooth way to go around that fact.


Many are learning the truth and the more we hear from patients like ourselves and people that support us, the better off we are.

Mike Robinson, Medicinal Cannabis Patient and Former Director, The American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. Founder, Global Cannabinoid Research Center