Cannabis has been a long time enjoyed accompaniment to sensuality and connection. Our team has been sussing out the best valentines gifts in the cannabis space exclusively for JADEO readers. Read on to discover our top 5 Valentines Gifts to enhance this year’s celebration of love.


Do It Yourself Cannabis Edibles Box - $17.17

Do It Yourself Cannabis Edibles Box

It’s a tricky time for edibles in advance of legalization, but while we wait for the legal framework to open up the market, we can still enjoy cannabis edibles if we create them ourselves.

This Do it Yourself Cannabis Edibles Box is a gift you may have never dreamed existed but could be the perfect fit for that special someone who loves to get creative in the kitchen or is passionate about edibles. Each box contains cooking instructions, dosing recommendations, cooking utensils, ingredients, and THC/CBD extraction supplies necessary for cooking homemade vegan and gluten-free edibles.

The recipes you receive are meant to make cooking with cannabis “as easy as buttering bread.” Mmm! The box includes everything you need to get started, just add the recommended amount of legally purchased dried Cannabis to the recipe.


Body Oil from The Great Canadian Hemp Company (aka organic sex lube) - $54

Great Canadian Hemp Company Balance Body Oil

Balance body oil blend is a sweet almond and apricot kernel oil combined with organic essential oils that are uniquely blended for their skin invigorating properties, as well as their aromatherapeutic benefits. The oils in the combination have a calming effect and promote stillness, creativity, and emotional balance which can accompany lovemaking or self-pleasure within a base of oils which are suited as organic sex lube as well.

We liked hearing the personal testimonial from The Great Canadian Hemp Company’s Co-founder Melissa L’Heureux-Hache: “I can't express how much I love this body oil. It comes with me everywhere! Most oils make you feel greasy, but this one absorbs really quickly and you only need to use a little. It also smells like heaven :)”

She went on to explain how although it isn’t specifically marketed for use in the bedroom it is perfectly suited for sex and superior to other, synthetic lubes on the market: “Maybe it’s just me, but conventional lubes are unappealing - they don’t have a natural texture and most are based with synthetic chemicals that I don’t want on my body, let alone in my body. The last thing I’d want would be to taste synthetic blueberry cheesecake while making love with my partner!”


Sexpot by Nox X Allume - $65

Sexpot by Nox & Allume

Nox shop is an online sex toy shop who has teamed up with female-founded, Montreal-based cannabis accessory online shop Allume. The two brands teamed up for a special 'Sexpot' edition of Allume’s monthly Chill Box for February.

Inside you'll find a very cheeky Humble Pride Co. peach pipe, Lady Fair 'Pussy Papers' by Working Girls, RAW pre-rolled filters, Province Apothecary Sex Oil 60ml, Allume & Nox "Come on baby, light my fire" matches, Bee Line hemp wick and cannabis pleasure tips by Ashley Manta from CannaSexual. Anyone who orders Sexpot Chill Box will also receive a 20% off code to Shop Allume for their next order.


Personal Air Filter By Eco Four Twenty- $35


This smoke accessory can be perfect for those lovebirds who want to consume indoors but don’t want any lingering scent in the air. The device is very discreet and it’s simple design makes it easy to use while at home or on the go. Perfect for wintertime, taking a puff and releasing it through the eco four twenty personal air filter will ensure that your smoke will not be detected by or bother others.

Our friends at Eco Four Twenty are offering a special discount code for JADEO members that will give them 10% off at check-out. * Use discount code LOVEJADEO


Sativa Bath Bomb by Verde vie - $20

Sativa Bath Bomb by Verde Vie

Verde vie is one of our favourite Toronto based online shops, boasting an array of gorgeously designed accessories in shades of deep moss green, white, gold and pink. Their shop has released a special Valentine’s section with a collection of herbal bath bombs to enhance pleasure in our self-care rituals or shared bath experiences;)

We chose the sativa bomb, which was designed to be the perfect morning bomb. The term "sativa" comes from 4,000-year-old Sanskrit terms meaning "daytime" and "nighttime." Handcrafted with organic, lab-tested plant extract and sage, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils, the invigorating oils partner with sea salt to reduce stress and increase blood circulation in the body.

Please not all prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.