The days are getting colder and the nights are getting longer. Cuffing season is officially here and the JADEO team wants to help you Netflix and blaze. Order that pizza, grab a pre-roll, and make sure you’ve seen these flicks!

Here are five of our favourite cannabis-themed shows and movies to add to your streaming list.

This is The End

(available on Netflix)

Seth Rogen wrote, co-produced and directed this comedy with childhood friend Evan Goldberg. While pretty much any Rogen/Goldberg film could be added to this list, this one takes the cake because of the hilarious lineup of celebrities, who all play themselves! Jay Baruchel, Michael Cera, The Backstreet Boys, Emma Watson, Rihanna, are just a few of the celebs who bring laugh after laugh.


(a Netflix Original Series)

With two seasons already released, this is the perfect series to satisfy all of your binge-watching needs. This series follows the goings on of a dispensary in California. It’s filled with lots of wildly hilarious moments, but also provides a dose of reality as the cast navigates the issues with pot being legal in California, but federally illegal.

Weed the People

(available on Netflix)

Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake provide an empathetic glimpse into the lives of families who have taken their children’s lives into their own hands by using cannabis oil to combat childhood cancers. This fact-based and passionate documentary makes a great argument on the benefits of legalizing medical cannabis in the USA and beyond.

Game Over, Man

(a Netflix original movie)

This flick might have received a lot of terrible reviews from critics, but if you take it for what it is - an unserious, stoner-esque “Die Hard” - you can really appreciate the film. Pair this movie with your favourite strain and you’ll be crying with laughter through the entire 90 minutes!

The Big Lebowski

(available on Crave and for rent on other apps)

A cult classic featuring Jeff Bridges as “the Dude”. If you haven’t seen it before, go and watch it now. If you have, it’s definitely worth watching again.

What’s your favourite cannabis-themed movie? Comment below!