As Canna-tech becomes a more widely recognized buzzword, we wanted to know more about what role tech is playing in the cannabis space. While some areas of tech are more focused on serving the industry, there are dozens of apps on the market that cater specifically to cannabis enthusiasts. Here we rounded up a few of our favourites.

The Weed Cookbook

WIth a bit of a stonervision vibe, this app contains a section devoted to the proper concocting of ganja butter, cannabis ghee, and hemp oil. The recipes provided call for these forms of THC infused fats to create a variety of edibles. It teaches you to first prepare a batch of grass-infused butter, which will not only allow for easier measurement, it will ensure that the THC blends evenly into each dish. Easy Mac & Cheese, for instance, calls for milk, 3 tablespoons of cannabutter, and one box of Kraft macaroni & cheese. Forty recipes are divided into four simple sections: drinks, meals, snacks, and sweets.


Compiling a full spectrum of cannabis-user data, Releaf is a mobile app that combines pain-tracking, harm-reduction, technological solutions, and medical cannabis. The app allows the user to track the variance in effects elicited from different strains and the frequency and methods of consumption used to discover, track, and analyze what works best in treating their ailments.

The founders, who have been building apps and developing technological solutions for major brands for more than a decade, explain the user experience as an almost interactive smoke session. Using an emoticon-like rating system that users employ to report findings, the user is meant to update the app with responses and reporting while actively consuming medical cannabis. The pair hope cannabis users will use the Releaf app to monitor their intake and discover more about their experience through this tech.


If you think the idea behind relief is cool, wait until you meet Vapium. It’s a vaporizer with a sophisticated tech built in, that measures details related to consumption, which you can track through the mobile app.

Vapium is a patient-centered vaporizer that’s also well suited for recreational consumers or anyone who wants to understand their own consumptive patterns. Based in Toronto, Vapium is a canna-tech company passionate about designing award-winning vaporizers that allow for the discreet, safe and responsible use for medical patients. Their vision was to create delivery systems that consider the conditions that qualify patients to vape and the obstacles they face when using said devices.

Created by a robotics engineer, the actual vape has 8 temperature adjustment settings and heats to reach the selected temperature in 45 seconds. This little technological gem acts as a buddy by your side with a vibrating pulse when the flower is ready to be inhaled. The phone app tracks the details of your vape sessions so you can know more about your consumptive patterns.

My Canary

Toted as the breathalyzer app for cannabis, My Canary is an app that has been designed and promoted by the cannabis activist group NORML. It aids the user in determining their level of inebriation to decide whether they are fit to drive a car. The app takes you through a series of sobriety tests, based on tests that have been used by law enforcement for decades, like the ability to balance on one foot, memorizing a series of numbers, and estimating time spans. Based on the combined results from all the tests, the app The app is designed to help users make the right decision about driving while high.

Hemp Inc.

If you’re a Farmville fan, Hemp Inc works on a broadly similar basis. The preface is that you can build “your very own cannabis empire.” The app explains that through choosing the correct strains, using top-notch talent, choosing the latest equipment and competitive pricing, you can achieve your dreams of becoming the top reputable cannabis company.

Through the app, you can interact with celebrities who are advocates of cannabis, like Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong, and Jimi Hendrix. The app covers all facets of managing a marijuana empire, which includes growing, selling and operating a cannabis business.


Here’s an app that might make you laugh. 420Clock tracks 4:20 in 35 different time zones, with a mood that’s reminiscent of the stoner version of Margaritaville. After all, it’s 420 Somewhere. What is it’s basic function? An alarm clock: the app lets you set up alerts, so you will never have to miss out on a single 4:20. One of the beauties of tracking 4:20 in different time zones is that it allows you to toke up throughout the day with other cannabis lovers around the globe.

High There!

Move over Bumble, Tinder and all the dating apps that don’t promote finding someone to get high with. Designed by Todd Mitchem, High There! Is a dating app for cannabis users that was inspired after Todd noticed that even living in a state where cannabis is legal, people would still dismiss potential matches the minute they found out someone smoked. If you are looking for that special someone on High There! The founder likes to say: "it's the best way to weed-out miss wrong."


WeedMaps was founded in 2008 and has carved out a place in the cannabis industry. One of the most heavily downloaded apps in the cannabis space, it covers experts, dispensaries, delivery, and medical services. You will be asked to share your exact location when you first log into the app, then you’ll be shown the closest dispensaries and will be able to search dispensaries by products and brands.

Now that you know a few of our faves we'd love to know what are your favourite cannabis apps?