We know planning weddings can be a long labour of love, with many intricate details to consider and costs to be had. In the spirit of cannabis legalization and the month of love, we wanted to take a deeper look at what sorts of wedding trends are being spotted across Canada and the legal U.S. states, so our JADEO love birds can plan a canna-wedding of their own.

Wedding Expos

While Canada is ahead of most of the world with its national legalization of cannabis, our friends south of the border have trail blazed a new trend of cannabis weddings, giving us a taste of what’s ahead in the Canadian landscape. Hosted in legal states like California, Nevada, and Colorado, the U.S. based Cannabis Wedding Expo explains it’s goal is to be “a fun and educational opportunity for couples and canna-businesses to come together and learn about how to safely and intelligently bring cannabis into their special day in classy ways.”

Voted the #1 cannabis event to attend by Herb in 2017, the expo was created in response to tightly restricted conventional wedding expos that either wouldn’t permit the canna-florist founder to participate, or tried to charge her double to attend. She became determined to connect her offering with a public hungry for cannabis-themed wedding vendors and founded her own expo. A variety of industry professionals come together at these events to display offerings - with every business imaginable, from 420 wedding planners to budtender services.

My 420 Tours is an example of one of the Denver-based companies you’ll find at the expo, offering cannabis wedding planning - covering many considerations from bridal and bachelor events, multiple-course rehearsal dinners with cannabis pairings, and cannabis friendly venues. Here in Canada, Mary J Brides is hosting a Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo, scheduled to take place in Calgary on March 16 at Hotel Clique.

Upcoming U.S. shows:

Denver - March 3rd, 2019

Las Vegas - March 24th, 2019

More at: https://www.cannabisweddingexp...

Upcoming Canadian Show:

Calgary Expo - March 16th, 2019

More at: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/ca...

Canna-wedding Considerations

If you can’t make one of the upcoming U.S. expos, several web-based services such as Love and MariJ and CannaBride feature cannabis-themed vendors and service providers. You can also surf Etsy and Pinterest for a plethora of emerging canna-inspired touches to your special day. Here are a few that caught our eye:

Smokable Bouquets and Boutonnieres

The emergence of cannabis boutonnieres shows that tiny buds can make a big statement, as shown here on as a groomsman has one pinned to his label.

Cannabis Floral Arrangements and Decor

Companies like Flowers on Flowers in California have capitalized on the canna wedding trend by creating elaborate flower displays with cannabis leaves and buds, offering bud studded flower crowns and other wearable cannabis flowers.


Some couples are replacing the traditional champagne toast with a ceremonial first toke, or vape. While some guests might be taken aback, many canna-brides and grooms feel that their passion for the plant begs a twist on the clink of champagne glasses and replace bubbles with puffs of vapour or smoke.


Also known as bud bars, the traditional set up for tables that would typically showcase confectionaries or offer up refreshments, are reimagined at canna-weddings and replaced with a showcase of strains and smoking devices, like pipes, bongs, or a joint-rolling station. Some even offer up a joint-rolling concierge.


As you plan your canna-bar, you’ll need to consider who will be serving up flowers. In the U.S. we’ve seen many bow tie-clad “budtenders” working “open bud” bars, who can advise on cannabis strains, assist with ways of intake or offer up their knowledge about the strains and effects.

Place settings

Not to be overlooked in the art of creating a chic, cannabis-infused event is place settings. It’s the first impression guests get of their meals, which in some canna-weddings include infused foods.

What about a canna-touch to finding your table? At one iconic Colorado wedding, the guest retrieved their place settings on individually potted cannabis plant clones in little terra cotta pots with their name and table.

Infused foods

While the cannabis wedding expo says that moderation is emphasized throughout the show, it is vital to provide guests with cautionary messages around consumption if edibles are going to be incorporated into your meal. Cannabis pairing with meals and drinks add a certain sophistication which can also be a consideration for dress rehearsal dinners.

Bombonieres and Gift Bags

Apart from the canna-inspired event, you can leave a lasting impression on your guests with takeaways that include unique touches. Pre-rolled joints have set the stage as a Bomboniere in the U.S. canna-wedding scene, but post-legalized Canada is sure to include new imagined gifts.

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