If you’re one of many flirting with the idea of starting a business in the cannabis industry, there are a few great books out there today to sink your teeth into. We rounded up a couple of the best guides to starting a cannabis company for JADEO members to use as an added resource in figuring out how they could break out into the green rush.

Breaking the Grass Ceiling

By Ashley Picillo & Lauren Devine

Ashley Picillo and Lauren Devine’s 2017 release provides a snapshot of the cannabis industry from the perspective of 21 women making it in “the green rush,” most of whom are working in Colorado. These female trailblazers reveal the difficulties of working in an unstable industry, sharing their “triumphs, heartaches, and words of wisdom derived from their incredibly diverse experiences within the legal cannabis industry. Representing the unique fields of cannabis consulting, technology, dispensary operations, human resources, cultivation, scientific research, law, infused products, policy, advocacy, and activism, these women have contributed years of pioneering efforts to the industry.”

For entrepreneurs considering opportunities in the cannabis industry, Breaking the Grass Ceiling offers personal insights on the ups and downs from leaders across a wide range of businesses. By featuring powerful, driven and courageous women who have been instrumental in paving the way into the cannabis industry, it can be an inspiring book for many, especially other women, who want to carve their own path to gold in the green rush.

Everything You Need to Start and Run a Successful Cannabis Business

By Javier Hasse

In Start Your Own Cannabis Business, Javier Hasse ( @JavierHasse) shares tips and success stories from pioneers and visionaries in the cannabis industry. A cannabis legalization advocate who works as a cannabis, biotech and entrepreneurship reporter, Hasse teamed up with the staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. to put together a very detailed how-to guide on getting a cannabis business off the ground in a variety of disciplines.

While the book caters more to Americans getting in the green rush, the book begins with a foreword by the well-known Canadian cannabis activist and advocate Jodie Emery. Some of the helpful guidance found in the book can be equally applicable to Canadian startups, including how to assemble a team of employees with insight from legal cannabis recruiting and dispensary training agencies; how to protect your assets in case something goes wrong with your business; how to estimate startup costs with the help of cannabis-experienced CPAs, and to put together a solid business plan with tips from cannabis lawyers.

An authority on the industry at large, Hasse has written more than 4,500 articles published on a variety of mass media outlets including Playboy, CNBC High Times, Leafly, Benzinga, The Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, CNN Money, MSN Money, Nasdaq, Morningstar, Microsoft, FOX Business to name a few. His book wonderfully presents a ton of useful information for forward-thinking entrepreneurs to build and grow a successful cannabis business.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Cannabis

By Michael Zaytsev

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own cannabis business, this book is less of a specific guide with instructions like Hasse’s and more like Tim Ferris’ interview series Tools of Titans, where what’s to be learned is through the anecdotes from others. Here, New York-based cannabis business coach Michael Zaytsev (@himikez) interviews 25 of the Cannabis industry's most successful leaders for their best entrepreneurship advice. Zaytsev is the founder and CEO of High NY, one of the largest cannabis meetup groups in the world, boasting 2500 members and growing. The book’s author has dedicated his own entrepreneurial career to “co-creating a consciousness evolution together with the world's greatest leaders.”

As New York awaits recreational cannabis, Zaytsev continues to build community by hosting the NYC Cannabis Film Festival annually through High NY. His book is a great way to learn about what groundwork a range of U.S. based entrepreneurs have built in the industry from their own words. Notable interviewees include Steve DeAngelo, author of The Cannabis Manifesto and CEO of Harborside Health Center and Cy Scott, Co-Founder of Leafly.