Ontario Cities Opt in to legal retail

Many JADEO readers may recall that cities across Ontario had until today, Jan. 22, to make a call as to whether they would opt in or out of the province’s plan for private retail dispensaries. Municipalities like Mississauga famously opted out of legal retail cannabis shops early on, while other cities took longer to reach a decision. Press reported that Kitchener, Waterloo and Hamilton councils all voted this week to opt into the province’s plan for storefronts within the cities’ borders.

Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger told reporters he believes the city ultimately ended up in the right place, and “will be part of an industry that is growing and is going to happen either legally or illegally.” He stated that he much prefers “to be on the legal side of the issue.”

A Saskatoon woman is suing the province for medicinal cannabis coverage

A Saskatoon woman who uses medicinal cannabis to treat Crohn's Disease and other illnesses, is asking a court to compel the province to subsidize the cost of her cannabis oil. “Unfortunately my disability check doesn’t allow for medical cannabis” she says in a video interview. This raises an issue that affects millions of Canadians living with health related disabilities who require medications but live on a very tight fixed income afforded by the government.

Her main arguments involve the inability for pharmaceutical medications to help her debilitating symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease that she was diagnosed with in 2004. After trying over 30 prescription drugs, she found that cannabis has been the only medication that has given her relief. Ultimately, medicinal cannabis keeps her out of the hospital, Yashcheshen said in an interview. “It’s a lifesaver in a syringe, but it seems so simple; but to some people it seems so complex. But it’s oil.”

Canopy Rivers Announces Partnership with Greenhouse Juice Company

Last week Toronto based Greenhouse Juice Company announced its partnership with Canopy Rivers, is a unique investment and operating platform by Canopy Growth Corporation, structured to pursue opportunities in the emerging global cannabis sector.

Greenhouse has expanded from a single retail outlet to an omnichannel business with 15 corporate-owned retail stores, an e-commerce delivery service, and a growing network of distribution partners with hundreds of retail locations, including both big box and specialty boutiques.

This recently announced collaboration looks like it will be taking the "Green Rush" to new, bioavailable, alkalizing, optimally digestive heights. Contrary to what many assume to be the forthcoming ingredient in Greenhouse’s collaborative juices, it’s in fact not the juice from fresh marijuana leaves that they’re after. Narbe Alexandrian, VP Business Development at Canopy Rivers explains: “We believe CBD is poised to become a major ingredient within consumer packaged goods wellness products. Over five years, Greenhouse has built a successful, well-recognized beverage brand and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility capable of producing a wide range of products.

Anthony Green, CEO of Greenhouse elaborated: “As a plant-based health and wellness brand, Greenhouse is excited to continue our mission by expanding across Canada and extending into CBD-based beverages. CBD shows evidence-based potential as a potent, non-psychoactive wellness ingredient and Greenhouse is uniquely positioned to be a trusted leader in this new space. We’re very excited to partner with Canopy Rivers, a global player in cannabis innovation, to introduce our brand to a growing audience and unlock the wellness potential of CBD-based beverages.”

Public Panic That It’s Not Organic!

The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia certified a proposed class action lawsuit against Canadian LP Organigram after a plaintiff accused the cannabis producer of using certain pesticides that were not registered for use on its products. Organigram recalled its medical marijuana products twice in 2016 and 2017 after finding abnormal results from its pesticide testing. The Canadian Press reports that Organigram said it is reviewing the court's decision to determine whether it will appeal, and it intends to vigorously defend itself against the class action.

US News

The Governor of Rhode Island is making moves to get Rhode Island competitive with their Massachusetts neighbour when it comes to adult use recreational cannabis.

Big headlines this week for the State of Florida, which until now has only legalized medical marijuana as an oil. Last week news broke that the state is going to legalize flower.