In the wake of legalization, many Canadians are dropping the old stigmas and flirting with a new flower friend. If you want to nurture their renewed curiosity in cannabis, we’ve put together a short list of simple gift items that could make all the difference. Each item is carefully selected with our canna-curious friends and family in mind to help them be more comfortable and well equipped.


Tokyo Smoke Burn Kit - $30

Tokyo Smoke Burn Kit

The thoughtful minimalist design of Tokyo Smoke’s burn kit put it at the top of our canna-curious list with everything you need to grind weed and roll it. Described as an “on-the-go” stash and joint prep kit,’ the slim cardboard box includes a pack of rolling papers with filters, a cardboard rolling tray, an aluminum poker, and a Tokyo Smoke grinder card. Why not start your love affair with cannabis in great style? With a new accolade as “accessory brand of the year,” voted by Lift&Co fans, we wanted to feature our favourite by this innovative Canadian brand.


How to Smoke Pot (Properly) - $17

Book: How To Smoke Pot Properly

Perhaps the best gift to help beginners de-mystify the world of cannabis, this great coffee table book offers "a humorous and informative trip through the drug’s various medicinal compounds, a timeline of its history, and recipes that take you beyond the standard pot brownie—with pro tips from cannabis-friendly celebrities sprinkled throughout." Bound to be a page-turner, this highbrow guide can help reduce unnecessary embarrassment or novice hesitation.


Rolling Machine - $9

Rolling Machine

For first time tokers, there can be a lot of intimidation around “rolling,” and for a good reason. You don’t want your joint to be uneven or round in the middle, to be filled with air pockets or for the paper to become damp and tear from the moisture on your hands. While this rolling machine might not be the most stunning accessory on the market, it’s basic functionality is not to be overlooked. Having one makes rolling an even, nice looking joint your quick and easy secret…


Gemstone pipe and Grinder Gift Set - $89

Gemstone Pipe and Grinder Set

If someone on your list is new to cannabis, they may not even want to try to tackle how to roll a joint. On the flipside, if they are just getting curious with their new flower friend, they likely won’t have one of the stunning crystal pipes flooding today's boutique market space. And while one could argue that each crystal pipes is divine as the next, we believe that our selection from B.C.’s Leaff Shop trumps all! With their beautiful branded kit and competitive price point, Leaff’s gift set has us swooning. Included is a stunningly simple matte white grinder, a pipe cleaner, and replacement filters. Available in sexy stones like howlite, rose quartz or amazonite, we think this set is going to be a hit for novices and connoisseurs alike.


Dry Leaf Vaporizer - $157

Dry Leaf Vaporizer

Like many of those new to cannabis, smoking can be a bit strong and harsh on the lungs. Even if you have a reasonable tolerance, you might be looking for a way to really taste the terpenes and microdose your consumption. Designed for dry herb, FEZ is a micro USB charged vaporizer is said to give you 2,000 puffs per charge. With a virtually odorless use, the FEZ lighter is one of the nicest looking low-budget vapes on the market today. Available in red, white and black.