This year’s stockings beg for a little more excitement with our first season of legalization setting the tone for cannabis lovers to be unapologetic about their love of mary jane. If you are still looking for a few fun gifts for that cannabis enthusiast on your list, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite items that would make for great stocking stuffers.


Dry Mouth Lozenges - $10

Dry Mouth Lozenges

If you’ve ever tried cannabis, you don’t have to read reviews to know that all strains rate pretty high for dry mouth. Also referred to as cottonmouth, cannabis can leave you feeling a tremendous sense of thirst. This year we’ve uncovered high and dry relief’s candy solution and thought it would make a great stocking stuffer for the cannabis enthusiast on your list. Made with a proprietary blend of natural herbs and spices that activate the flow of saliva in the mouth's submandibular glands, High&Dry’s mouthwatering lozenges are designed to provide immediate and lasting relief from dry mouth symptoms. The assorted fruit blend includes blueberry, strawberry, lemon, apple & more. They're gluten and sugar-free, naturally sweetened, naturally flavoured, kosher, non-GMO, and allergen free. Need we say more?


Rose Gold Scissors - $30

Verde Vie Rose Gold Trimming Scissors

Lots of new posh grinders may be new to the space this year, but only one brand has released the finest scissors of them all. Let us introduce you to Verde Vie. A kick-ass trio of Toronto women recently launched a drool-worthy site with stunning illustration and head-turning cannabis accessories. Releasing their items one by one, the team is the first to bring bougie rose gold scissors to the space. Well played, ladies. While our heart was torn after seeing their equally beautiful grinder card but loved their unique take on the ritual of trimming. After scooping up a few of their first releases for the cannabis-friendly people on our list, we can’t wait to keep an eye on their Instagram as they roll out a new product every few weeks.


Purple Haze Dope Socks - $18

Planted Clothing - Purple Haze Socks

This year we were excited to discover a vibrant take on an old holiday stocking stuffer favourite. That’s right, socks. No one knows how the washing machine takes in pairs and the dryer spits out lost, lonely singles, but year after year it seems everyone needs a few new pairs. We sussed through a variety of new-to-market cannabis sock styles to pin down our favourites from a boutique Canadian sock company called Planted. Said to be chic enough to be worn “from skate parks, to boardrooms, to golf greens and to the club,” the duo of cultivators who developed the product say they wanted a line of socks, “that could stand out in the haze,” and “be worn everywhere without shame or fear of judgement.” We think their modern take on the beauty of cannabis plants would dazzle any cannabis lover and enhance a stocking with their bold new take on cannabis swag.


Joint Custody Pre-Roll Cone Filler Box - $30

Joint Custody Pre-Rolled Cone Filler Box

One of the cheapest innovations on the market is a remarkable product we discovered called joint custody at the Toronto Hemp Shop. Its virtue is that it helps you roll 6 joints at once with its seamless technology. Then we asked: is this useful? Do cannabis consumers need 6 joints ready at a time? We surveyed male and female connoisseurs to ask what was their weed travel style and while women seemed concerned with rolling joints on the go, men were remarkably more prepared with a pre-roll strategy before heading out the door. This product is a perfect gift for the guys or gals who love to be prepared with multiple joints rolled ahead of time and like the compact nature of a sort of 6-in-one doob tube. Select from 6 tasteful colours and peruse the rest of Toronto hemp company’s site for other handy stocking stuffing accouterment.


Pre-rolled tips - $4

Spirit Leaf Pre-Rolled Tips

Cute as a button and conscious of the environment, the last item on our stocking stuffer list are pre-rolled joint filters from Spirit Leaf in Alberta. While those of us outside of Alberta can’t order cannabis from their dispensary site, they have a slew of tempting accessories like these rounded filter tips that make the shipping fees worth it. Beautifully branded and thoughtfully designed, these time-saving tips may prove more useful to a cannabis lover than any listicle advice. What’s more: we love that Spirit Leaf’s 50 pack come in white and au natural.