It’s the first holiday season that our country is ringing in with legal cannabis, and with that has come a new wave of online retailers offering up cool accessories. We sifted through hundreds of pot-related products to curate our first ever cannabis gift guide, all selected from Canadian online shops. From crystal studded grinders to strain-specific socks, our team left no bong behind in curating our ‘best of’ list across various categories.

Our first (and possibly favourite) is a thoughtful shortlist of gifts that are stunningly simple while not breaking the bank.


THC Molecule Bowl/Pipe Pick- $6

THC Molecule Bowl/Pipe Pick

This holiday there is no more need for toothpicks, pen tips or bobbi-pins because there’s a classy new “do it all” poker on the market and it’s got some brains behind it. Available in gold and black, this zinc alloy THC molecule shaped “pipe pick” can help unclog or clean-up whichever bowl you are smoking from and can stand the heat if the bowl is still warm. We think it could double as a very classy poker, for when you are pushing down cannabis in a joint to get out the air pockets, too. We invite our JADEO members to pick one up from Crafty Joints and tell us how they use it best!


Designer Pre-rolls - $15

Designer Pre-roll Cones

That’s right. Pre-rolled joint cones aren’t just a thing, they are available in every colour combination you can dream of. From rainbow patterns to hand painted polka dots, we sussed through dozens of pre-roll colour combination to choose the most elegant looking style we could find. Dyed with a natural hempseed oil, these A gorgeous gift for any weed enthusiast or canna-curious person on your list. Pre-rolls aren’t only classy, they are super easy to fill - making them quick to toke! Just add ground cannabis and get the holiday glow going.


Hemlock Rose Grinders - $45

Hemlock Rose Grinder

We are adoring a new curated online boutique from Toronto female-founded startup, Hemlock Rose, who has developed a line of their own products with a refreshing take on weed paraphernalia. Catching the suite of matte white, gold and pink grinders branding with an elegant engraved rose, they had us turn our heads at JADEO and ask - what are those?! Each named after an iconic Golden Girl, these four-piece aluminum grinders don’t compromise on functionality with razor-sharp diamond teeth. Designed with versatility in mind, the lightweight grinders can come apart and used as a two-piece or store dried flower. The biggest issue with the collection we have is choosing between Dorothy, Blanche or Rose!


Porcelain Chillum - $45

Porcelain Chillum

Commonly referred to as a ‘one hitter,’ chillums are a tried and tested way to microdose dried flower. Scroll through the cutest small batch cannabis accessories shops on Instagram and you will likely come across a stylish hand painted porcelain chillum from Wandering Bud. Started as a side hustle/hobby, this Etsy artisan focused on her passion full time and produces a line of unique handmade accessories including ashtrays and stash jars. Don’t want to pay the U.S. shipping rates from Etsy? One of our favourite Canadian online retailers, Leaff, based in Squamish, British Columbia carries a beautiful selection of wandering bud porcelain chillums in addition to a range of other ‘elevated accessories’ by independent artists.


Concrete Stash Jar - $30

Concrete Stash Jar

Like us, you may find the new regulated packaging to be a bit of an eyesore. While you can designate any container to “stash jar” status, we fell in love with a pair of beautiful concrete jars perfectly designed to be just that. Offered in black and marble, these airtight hectagonal cannabis storage containers from Brnt feel along the lines of a small cookie jar with suspiciously beautiful engraved walnut lid. Offering a dual storage for “joints, strains and more,” we appreciated that these Canadian made products were thoughtfully designed with an affordable price tag in mind.