Hoorah! The wait is over. Last week marked the first of many cannabis retail locations opening in Ontario.

If you’re anything like us, you must be full of excitement but not totally sure which stores have opened, or where to find them. JADEO rounded up the details on all the new legal rec shops opening this April to give members the full low down on the who, what & where.

To begin, only 10 of the 25 stores opened on April 1st in Ontario, one of the main reasons being that only 10 of those 25 stores had received the necessary licenses from the government to open on April 1st. Once all of the 25 stores are open, there will be about one store per 1.4 million people in Ontario, with each store expected to each take in $1.25M a month.

Many of the retail lottery winners entered into partnerships with larger brands, which is why several of the stores are connected to companies you may have heard about from Western provinces, like Fire & Flower, Canna Cabana or SpiritLeaf.

Toronto Retail Cannabis Shops

Tokyo Smoke

333 Yonge Street, Toronto

You’ve likely caught the buzz: Tokyo Smoke is opening at the former HMV flagship store near Yonge and Dundas streets in the heart of the city. Josh Lyon, the vice president of marketing for Tokyo Smoke, said the store is hoping to open immediately after the public consultation period, on April 2. “We’re hyperconscious of the excitement,” said Lyon. The company was founded in 2015 as an educational cannabis brand and cafe and currently has a number of legal cannabis storefronts operating in Winnipeg.

They were not one of the five lottery winners of legal cannabis licences in Toronto, but they teamed up with a winner to utilize their brand in this iconic 4,000 square foot space.

Canna Cabana

435 Yonge St.

Canna Cabana Toronto was expected to open near College Park after their public consultation period ends April 9, but as eager as downtowners may be to conveniently purchase flower from the palm studded shop, a company spokesperson told the press that they’ll know more about opening day after they’re done with the public disclosure period. Until then, the opening date remains TBD.

The tropically themed dispensary chain has opened up 13 locations between Alberta and Saskatchewan, and have announced three stores to open in Ontario from partnerships made in the first wave of retail licenses. For those who can’t wait for the College Park location to open its doors, you can check out the grand opening of their Hamilton or Sudbury locations on 4/20. Rumour has it the Mayor of Hamilton will be there to help cut the ribbon on opening day. One can only hope he’d stop in for a toke.

Ganjika House

186 Main St. Brampton, Ont.

Gangika House in Brampton is one of the only locations in the GTA so far that is outside of the downtown core. With a dedicated parking lot it welcomes visitors from all over, as it proved with it’s long lines on opening day which made an opportune target for black market dealers who were tempting guests to skip the line and buy illegally instead. Oh, Brampton.


20 Cumberland Street, Toronto

You may have heard about Ameri early on as it was the first store to request a cannabis retail license from the AGCO. The location was a medical cannabis dispensary before it closed in 2018, now operating fully legally to serve the community in and around the upscale Yorkville. As of April, a quick pop by Ameri can sync in perfectly with sipping on a latte from Buca and walking down Hazelton Lane. Retail therapy anyone?

The Hunny Pot

202 Queen St. West

The retail dispensary that gained the most media attention in Toronto on April 1st was the Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Torontonians lined up to be amongst the first to purchase on this historic week.

Nova Cannabis

499 Queen Street West

Nova Cannabis, known for its locations in Alberta, is opening neck and neck with their closerby retail competitor, The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. on Queen West.

Ottawa Retail Cannabis Shops


Our hearts were aflutter when we caught the first glimpse of this retro style dispensary which was the first to open in the Nation’s capital. The darling Superette opened Monday morning in a 2300 square feet space in a very trendy Ottawa neighbourhood.

The concept behind the shop is a diner, a deli, maybe even your old game room. Customers will be greeted with a ping- pong table, and can sample scents from as many as 30 scent pods on display.

Fire & Flower York Street Cannabis

129 York St., Ottawa, Ont.

If you love good design, this Ottawa store may make you drool. The lottery winner behind this retail location explained that his team had about a year’s worth of work to get done in three months to be open in time for April 1st.

Fire + Flower mastered the retail sector across Alberta and Saskatchewan and is now come to play in Ontario with it’s first location on York St. in Ottawa.

Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store

391 Bank St, Ottawa.

Ottawa’s new Hobo store is actually more polished and posh than it may sound. Created by publicists from the Donnelly Group, who were experienced at running public houses, cocktail clubs and barbershops, Hobo brand is establishing three forthcoming shops in Vancouver and their Bank St. location in Ottawa. No pictures, (yet) please.

London Retail Cannabis Shops

Central Cannabis

666 Wonderland Rd. North, London.

The University town of London, Ontario is now adorned with one cannabis retail shop named Central Cannabis. This no frills, high tech store attracted over 100 London residents on opening day and expects to be booming as the only shop set to open at this time in London, in close proximity to both the University and downtown core.

St.Catharines Retail Cannabis Shops

The Niagara Herbalist

33 Lakeshore Rd., St.Catharines.

Niagara residents will now be able to purchase legal cannabis in the north end of the city in the Lakeshore plaza at the Niagara Herbalist. Unlike many other shops in Ontario, this lottery winner did not collaborate with any of the more prominent chain dispensaries in Canada and remained an independent brand.

Niagara Falls


7555 Montrose Road Unit E3, Niagara Falls, ON

Here’s a sneak peak of another retail shop set to open by the end of April in the Niagara Square Plaza in Niagara Falls. B.C.. based rec brand Choom is said to be inspired by the ‘Choom Gang’ – a group of friends in the 70s in Honolulu “who loved to smoke weed – or as they called it, choom.” Choom has 50 locations in various stages of licensing and construction across Canada.

Kingston Retail Cannabis Shops


Already a prominent retail chain out west, Spiritleaf has opened a dispensary in Kingston inside the historic Smith Robinson Building.

“Because this building was constructed in 1841, we have had to be very careful when drilling and setting up the camera system,” said the lottery winner who entered into the agreement with Spiritleaf. “At one time, this building was filled with employees making buggies and pianos, and now, it’s selling marijuana,” he explained. Mixing the old and new was a big consideration for the store’s decor. “We used a company from the United States that designs stores for Coach and other high-end retail stores to elevate the look and feel of the dispensary to eliminate the stigma,” said Courtney Richer, franchise relations manager for Spiritleaf.

Brock Street Cannabis

75 Brock Street, Kingston.

A subsidiary of Fire + Flower, Brock Street Cannabis offers another beautiful location in Kingston that mixes a clean design aesthetic with a retail experience. The store officially opened its doors last Friday after much anticipation from the local community. Check out our recap video for all the details on this location.

Burlington Retail Cannabis Shops

RELM Cannabis Co.

103-4031 Fairview St., Burlington.

Located in a strip plaza in Burlington, Relm Cannabis Co. describes their shop as a beautiful environment that inspires healing, creativity, comfort, and safety. We haven’t found any pics yet, but if any JADEO members stop by Relm and post a pic, tag us on social media, because we’d love to see!