This month we open up the conversation with JADEO readers around the role cannabis plays in the bedroom since it’s no longer taboo to talk about cannabis and it’s far-reaching uses - we wanted to know more about how to incorporate it into playful and intimate aspects of self-care.

As Canada and 10 legal states open up the marketplace, we’re seeing a wave of cannapreneurs on Instagram - one of whom, Ashley Manta, is a sex educator teaching couples “exciting new ways to combine cannabis and sex. “It’s not just about getting high and having sex,” she explains in a video on her Instagram account @cannasexual where she is the self-proclaimed High Priestess of Pleasure. The brand name cannasexual is a word the entrepreneur created to “describe anyone who mindfully and deliberately combines sex and cannabis to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure. Her brand services are based on the preface that cannabis can be used to promote intimacy, and acknowledges that cannabinoid infused products can enhance sensation or ease discomfort without making a person high. The sexpert offers one on one coaching, as referred to in the “Stoned Sex” episode of “Slutever” you may have caught on VICELAND TV.

Another female in the cannabis space, Ashley Siebert, acknowledges the use of cannabis and sex in her Little Book of Cannabis, where she does a deep dive into the common historical use of the plant as an aphrodisiac. She explains: “Cannabis was used in conjunction with sex in India in about 700 CE. Its use for both tantric sex and yoga arose out of what researcher Dr. Michael Aldrich calls ‘an explosive mingling’ of different elements of Shaivite Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism.” While in recent years the drug may have had a negative stigma associated with its prohibition, “the tradition of drug yoga is an ancient and honourable one in India, developed to its fullest extent in tantric practice. Her book uncovers how marijuana fits into Hindu folk medicine: “The Tantras transform Hindu sexual practices into a means of meditational yoga. Cannabis use served not as a ‘disinhibiting agent,’ in this culture, but as an awareness booster that was essential to tantric ceremonies.”

Putting the plant’s use into such a context can help us build an appreciation for the medicinal use in lovemaking. Fast forward to Canada post-legalization in 2019 and we are going to see more and more products come to market which promotes the use of cannabis in sex, which is an often overlooked area of self-care, vital to deepening connection in our lives.

An emerging brand in the cannabis space you may have caught in person at Lift + Co is HighOnLove; a product line of sensual oils and body paint with pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil. As we wait on the regulatory framework to shift in favour of legal THC topicals, HighOnLove has kept their products in the legal space by using only hempseed oil. The line boasts promises to bring heightened style and intimacy for the discerning woman who knows what she wants in the bedroom.

Creator Angela Mustone told The Her(b) Life how her “products will take you somewhere totally new, believe me!” She goes on to explain: “they’re blended with extremely high-quality natural ingredients so they’re great for all skin types. Using cannabis in oils in this way brings added stimulation, pain reduction and increased blood flow for extra pleasure.”

While we can’t wait to try all the forthcoming topicals in the bedroom, for now, we vape and wait. Have any experiences making your own bedroom friendly topicals? Write to our team ([email protected]) to share your insights for our next sex and cannabis feature.