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JADEO Consumption & Accessories 9 hours ago / Toronto, Ontario

TheHotCase - A Product Review

Written by: Brianne Campbell

TheHotCase claims that their cases are not only OPP compliant, but also waterproof, smell-proof, and indestructible - so we decided to put these handy cases to the test! (Before we begin, JADEO members get 15% off TheHotCase with the promo code HotJadeo)

I have spent the past week carrying the medium slim case. This discreet box has a practical outdoorsy vibe to it. At first, I was thinking I would prefer it in a different colour, but this sturdy black case has grown on me. The fact that the case is black is exactly what makes it so very discreet. After carrying the medium slim TheHotCase in my gym bag for the past week, nobody has asked me what it is or picked up on the smell of cannabis locked inside!

TheHotCase Medium Slim
TheHotCase Medium Slim - $30

I’ve been using TheHotCase to carry around rolled spliffs and a crystal pipe. At 11.9 cm long, 7.4 cm wide, and 4.5 cm tall, the medium slim case is the perfect size for my stash. I have carried a small pipe, a gram of dried flower, rolling papers, a lighter, and a couple of joints, and eyedrops inside it all at once. Because these cases are OPP compliant for transporting cannabis in a vehicle, I can finally bring a joint on the go without having to throw my whole purse in my trunk! I used to be very nervous driving with any cannabis in my car, but this case has given me peace of mind.

I am loving the fact that this case is super lightweight, yet so durable. At only $30 for the medium slim size, these cases are also great value for what you get! There is no logo or branding on TheHotCase products, so these cases are super discreet. As an athlete, I can totally see myself using the medium slim case for items other than cannabis and accessories. I can put my phone and car keys inside it when I’m training. Plus the convenient strap means it’s easy to carry if you have your hands full.

TheHotCase Medium Slim
TheHotCase Medium Slim - Inside:11.9 x 7.4 x 4.5 cm

The inside of the case is also soft, so even if you don’t have the foam in, you won’t need to worry about the contents getting damaged bouncing around. The foam insert that comes with every TheHotCase is a total game changer though! I don’t have to worry about my pre-rolls getting crushed in my purse and I can actually bring my cute pipe out of my house without worrying about breaking it.

These cases are a little difficult to open if you have nails of any sort (like me). They also only come in only one colour so far. I can see the handle possibly wearing out with heavy use, but that can easily be swapped out for a more durable handle or a thin carabineer clip.

This product would make a lot of sense for any cannabis consumer that is looking for a solution to legally carry cannabis inside their vehicle, pack breakable accessories for travelling or shipping, or simply keep their stash out of the hands of children.

What I LOVE about these cases is that you can use your own lock. That means you can use a lock and key, or a combination lock. Many storage cases come with their own lock system (usually a combination lock), so this is a big plus for me! I can be forgetful with combination numbers so I like that I have the option to choose my own lock.

Some alternatives to these cases would be Pelican’s small cases or OtterBox’s waterproof Drybox. While Pelican seems to offer similar products in terms of durability, I wouldn’t use them for carrying cannabis as Pelican’s smaller cases have clear plastic sides. OtterBox’s Drybox is not lockable, so they wouldn’t be truly childproof to hide your stash.

All in all, I really like TheHotCase in the medium slim size and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, portable solution for storing cannabis and accessories.

The Pros:

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Discreet (no branding)
  • Multipurpose
  • Lockable
  • Padded interior
  • Smell-proof
  • Child-proof
  • Can legally bring cannabis in my car -available in many different sizes

The Cons:

  • Difficult to open
  • Only comes in black (so far)

TheHotCase has gerously offered JADEO members a 15% discount on all cases. Check out and use the promo code HotJadeo for 15% off!

JADEO does not accept compensation for product reviews. All reviews are from products sent free of charge, or purchased by JADEO staff, and with no incentive to offer a favourable review. This is to offer JADEO members an objective review, so you can make an informed decision before buying.

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  • From Shahz

    The case looks really interesting and multifunctional. Carrying stuff around can be stressful so something that can keep the odors in and the stuff out of sight is more than welcome.

  • From Janelle Simone

    Love this, this would be perfect for my hubby who's on the road quite often. Love the fact that its OPP compliant.

JADEO News, Finance and The Law 9 hours ago / Toronto, Ontario

{VIDEO} Can I Consume Medical Cannabis During Work Hours?

Confused about consuming medical cannabis during work hours? Hear what Jason Alexander, Chief Legal Officer, Starseed Medicinal Inc. has to say on this topic.


The views and opinions expressed in this video are of the presenter and do not necessarily reflect the official policies or positions of JADEO.

JADEO makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability or suitability with respect to any content contained within the video.

JADEO urges you to consult with a qualified physician for consultation, diagnosis and/or treatment plans with respect to your medical condition(s) and/or wellness goals.


Stay informed. Stay healthy.

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JADEO News, Finance and The Law 15 hours ago / Toronto, Ontario

What's The Buzz? Edition 16: March 19th

Analysis Shows Ontario will not have 25 Cannabis Shops Open by April 1

It’s difficult to predict how many of the 25 privately owned cannabis stores will open on time in Ontario, but an analysis of license applications showsit’s very unlikely many will be ready. Construction, public comments and scrutiny of applicants by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario are all happening at the same time in a mad dash of the last weeks of March to prepare to open the shops.

New Retail Shops Announced in Niagara Falls and London, Ontario.

Two more cannabis retail store applications were just announced by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, bringing the total number of stores in Ontario that have been unveiled to 18. The first store is located in Niagara Falls under the “Choom Cannabis” brand, and London will potentially open the “J. London” cannabis store.

Origin House-owned Trichome enters financing agreement to new Ontario cannabis shop license holder

Trichome Financial, a subsidiary of Origin House, just announced it will be providing financing to C.G.S. Foods, one of the winners of Ontario’s cannabis retail store license lottery. Trichome entered into a two-year, $2 million financing arrangement with C.G.S., which plans to open a store in Brampton under the name Ganjika House. Toronto-based Trichome was recently provided with a $100 million to enter the debt financing business for cannabis companies. This is significant because debt financing has been relatively rare in the cannabis industry, where companies have typically relied on equity to raise funds as traditional bankers shied away from the space. Gangika House in Brampton is among the list of retail stores rushing to open their doors next month.

Aurora Cannabis shares going up after signing Billionaire Investor

Aurora Cannabis shares are spiking following news that it has appointed U.S. billionaire Nelson Peltz as a strategic adviser and given him the option to buy a stake in the company. “I believe that Canadian licensed producers, and Aurora, in particular, are well positioned to lead in the development of the international cannabis industry as regulations evolve, with a strong, globally replicable operating model,” Peltz said in a statement.

Namaste Prepares to Enter the Edibles Market with Acquisition of Choklat

Choklat is a chocolate manufacturer with existing sales through its website and a network of distributors across Canada who recently entered into a supply relationship with Sobeys and already has product in 25 stores in Alberta. Namaste Technologies has acquired a 49% stake in Choklat for C$1.5 million in cash. As part of the acquisition, Namaste will be appointed a member to the Board of Choklat.

Co-op Aims to Help Small B.C. Cannabis Producers enter the Legal Market

While there’s been a lot of attention focused on large cannabis companies in Canada, small producers, many of which are in B.C., are still trying to find a way into the legal space. One industry advocate’s idea to help smaller cannabis grower thrive centers around the design of co-operative to work together and become legitimate in the big-money world of cannabis production. Smaller companies have criticized the Canadian government’s regulated approach to legalization, stating the process was just too onerous for small, family-run businesses and spend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to comply with regulations.

The initiative is being made by David Hurford who helped develop Canada’s cannabis policies 20 years ago. “I don’t think we can understate the crisis a lot of people are going through,” he explains. “There are people in dire straights out there. People being forced to make very difficult choices, and the government has not created a pathway for them to become legal.”

FDA Chief Resignation leaves CBD in Question

The head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, told Congress last week that CBD can’t be added to consumer products after announcing that he is resigning and leaving office in April. In February, Gottlieb told the House Appropriations Committee that the FDA would hold a public meeting about CBD in April. An exact date for that meeting was not announced, so Gottlieb’s apparent resignation leave hemp and CBD entrepreneurs in the dark about when a review might take place.

The search for ‘Miss Marijuana’ is on in Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona is holding the very first “Miss Marijuana” beauty pageant to crown “the type of girl all the guys want, and all the girls want to be friends with.” The pageant’s website states that contestants must be between the ages of 18 and 30, single and a “natural born” woman. The contest is open to both U.S. and Canadian residents, and those who advance past the online voting stage will move to the finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contestants are not required to use marijuana but should support legalization, the pageant’s website says. The contest however has been facing a lot of scrutiny from individuals within the cannabis industry, being described archaic and sexist.

Tilray Announces Successful Medical Cannabis Harvest in Portugal

Tilray has recently completed a successful harvest of medical cannabis at its Portugal facilities. Tilray has invested approximately €20 million in the facility, which totals nearly 250,000 sq. ft. with additional room to expand. Tilray’s Portugal facilities also serves as a hub supporting Tilray’s clinical research and product development efforts across Europe.

Supreme Cannabis Seeking License to Produce Cannabis Oil in Malta

Supreme Cannabis signed a letter of intent last week to acquire a cannabis production license in Malta. The letter is a first in a series of regulatory hurdles to overcome before receiving licensing and acquiring greenhouse space. If approval from the Malta government is eventually granted, Supreme will begin cultivating cannabis for extracting oil certified under EU-GMP regulations. That oil would then be delivered to multiple EU markets for medical purposes through Malta.

Peru Announces MMJ Deregulation Guidelines

The Peruvian government announced regulations for legal medicinal cultivation and use last week – more than a year after Peru legalized medical marijuana. The initial legislation is short, appointing regulators within the government, establishing a license-based system to engage in cultivation and research, and defining what is considered medical use.

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Brianne Campbell 1 day ago / TORONTO, Ontario

Breaking news! Smokeable medical cannabis is now legal in Florida. Great work, Sunshine State!

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  • From Janelle Simone

    I saw this yesterday. Pretty exciting news!

JADEO Health & Wellness 1 day ago / Toronto, Ontario

The BEST Of Cannabis Spring Break travel

West Coast Cannabis spring break travel

Spring break has long been associated with beaches, booze, and bikinis in iconic destinations like Daytona Beach or Cabo San Lucas. But, what if tacos and tequila are not your thing? With March destination travel in mind, the team at JADEO wanted to take a closer look at cannabis friendly places Canadians can travel to this time of year to get away. While the world is still a complicated maze of permissions around medical travelers, the cluster of recreational states from California to the Pacific Northwest makes us want to fly west and follow the sun. Below we explore a few special places to check out along the cannabis trail of the West Coast.

Vancouver Island

Toted as the “Hawaii of Canada, Vancouver Island is known for its milder winters and early springs, with daffodil and crocus sightings as early as January. An hour ferry ride from Vancouver, the heart of “the island” would arguably be the Cowichan, known for majestic forests, crystal clear lakes, slow food, it’s beautiful bay, and the home of the first female-focused cannabis magazine The Her(b) Life. We wanted to highlight this stunning region because there are more sunshine hours in the Cowichan than anywhere else in B.C. In fact, the Cowichan means land warmed by the sun in the Coast Salish First Nation language. This region of Vancouver Island has the country’s warmest mean year-round temperature and is said to be Canada’s only Mediterranean climatic zone.

Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island.
Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island.

Across the island - along the western coast, Tofino attracts surfers from around the globe and conjures up ideas of VW vans and adventurous nature lovers with it’s Canadian West Coast lifestyle. Tofino is a perfect place for outdoor exploration, ocean, and cozy lodges. In contrast, Victoria is a busy little city a few hours south, on the southernmost tip of the island. The capital of B.C. attracts millions of tourists a year, many from cruise ships heading to or from Alaska. A great place to visit on a west coast getaway, Victoria boasts a plethora of dispensaries in its downtown core where visitors can purchase flower and follow along a guide known as the “weed walk,” by Hotel Zed. This a cannabis-friendly motel just north of the downtown core and promotes getting high exploring Victoria. Want to trip-hop over to Washington state? Small hovercrafts and ferries leave Victoria’s downtown harbour almost hourly heading to its sister city, Seattle.

Southern California

While the entire state boasts attractive places to visit with dispensaries aplenty, we wanted to feature the sunniest part of the state for a winter getaway. With cannabis available recreationally across California, there is no need to get a medical license or bring it in from outside the state (remember it is illegal to fly outside of Canada with cannabis). Since Southern California spans from Santa Barbara to San Diego, there are hundreds of tourist attractions from Hollywood to Disneyworld to the San Diego Zoo. In recent years, places that are lesser known have been coming into greater popularity, like Ojai, a small city north of Los Angeles that offers travelers a quieter place to getaway to, attracting bohemian millennials with its art galleries and new age shops.

Malibu, California

Malibu, California

Then there are places like Malibu or Palm Springs which offer more upscale accommodations with local dispensaries making posh pot accessible to tourists. Various portfolios of products such as oils, tinctures, resins, consumables, and strains have entered into the marketplace to offer a wide range of selection to tourists as well as locals. With the current state of legalization creating harsh restrictions on huge categories of products available in Canada, this type of variation and availability in California makes for a huge draw for the canna-tourist.


A much-loved region for viticulture and homegrown, Oregon has become known as a hot destination for cannabis travel since the state legalized in 2014. Home to dozens of dispensaries and Instagram famous brands like @ladiesofparadise, cannabis have helped to put Portland on the map for travelers looking for cannabis experiences. Also, home to our recent Women in Cannabis Wednesday, Savina Fierro, Portland has been breaking the stigma and trailblazing with destination travel designed around this new scene.

A few favourites include Portland’s Japanese Gardens, the inner city hiking trails of Mount Tabor, Living Room Theaters, the legendary Voodoo Donuts, Pittock Mansion and the Portland Saturday Market.

Porland, Oregon
Porland, Oregon

Want to book somewhere special? The Jupiter boutique hotel in Portland made our worldwide list of canna-getaways for offering the first ever cannabis-friendly package in Oregon. This optional add on to your stay includes a munchie kit, a vape pen, Dope Magazine swag, and coupons to nearby dispensaries to buy your own cannabis.


Hawaii and has made news as of recent for relaxing laws for medical cannabis patients visiting as tourists. While in Hawaii, patients can now pay a fee to be able to use their cannabis prescriptions to obtain the plant safely and legally for medical purposes.

This round up of beautiful and fun destinations is sure to guarantee you an amazing spring break!

Related comments

  • From Janelle Simone

    So cool to see how cannabis and tourism are becoming the perfect pair!


Janelle Simone Consumption & Accessories 1 day ago / Scarborough, Ontario

There are super exclusive cannabis-infused dinners curated and cooked by some of Canada's top chefs, happening in Toronto. Has anybody been? Is it worth it?

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Related comments

  • From Brianne Campbell

    I saw some ads posted to Facebook and Instagram for this, so I filled out the application they linked to. I got a really informal text message from them a couple days later telling me to follow an instagram account. To me it seemed like a lot of steps to get an invite to a dinner party that might not even be legal yet.

    • From Janelle Simone

      Yea. It also can feel a little sketchy if you don't know who you're dealing with as well.

      • From Brianne Campbell

        Exactly! I'm really curious how many people went through all the steps!

JADEO 1 day ago / Toronto, Ontario


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Janelle Simone News, Finance and The Law 2 days ago / Scarborough, Ontario

We mentioned this expo in our article about the trend of incorporating cannabis into weddings and events. Really great to see events like this, hope this inspires people to do more.

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Weed weddings: Calgary hosts Canada's first cannabis wedding expo

Global News

Brides and grooms looking to add a little extra greenery to their nuptials had a chance to check out the newest trends at Calgary's first-ever cannabis wedding expo on Saturday. Since cannabis was legalized in Canada, wedding vendors say they've been inundated with couples wanting to highlight the plant throughout their special day.

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22 2 days ago / Caledon, Ontario

Happy ☘️☘️

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Janelle Simone Women's Health 4 days ago / Scarborough, Ontario

I found this article really interesting. As a mom who uses cannabis, I agree that there is far more judgment around that as a parent than the use of alcohol. Hoping to dispell the myth and show that moms can use cannabis and be responsible parents.

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Inside the Private World of Mothers Who Smoke Weed


Editor's Note: This post is not intended as medical advice, and any opinions expressed in this post are the author's own. Always consult a medical professional or physician before treatment of any kind. A few months ago, I mentioned to someone that my husband and I were planning our son's upcoming birthday party at a local chocolate factory.

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Janelle Simone News, Finance and The Law 5 days ago / Scarborough, Ontario

This time next year it'll be interesting to see if the decline is a trend base on an increase in sales in December due to holiday festivities (similar to alcohol) and in January sales stabilize again.

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Sales of legal dried cannabis declined in January: Health Canada - BNN Bloomberg


Canadian sales of legal dried cannabis in January declined from the prior month, the first such decrease since recreational use of marijuana was legalized last year, while inventory levels continued to rise, according to the country's pot regulator.

Related comments

  • From Brianne Campbell

    I wonder if this has anything to do with New Year's resolutioners too. Many people hit the gym or do a 'dry January'. I would think people would have similar resolutions around smoking dried flower

    • From Janelle Simone

      That's so true!

  • From 22

    People are sampling and also stocking. No different than spirits, wine and beer....


Janelle Simone Strains & Growing 5 days ago / Scarborough, Ontario

Tried some Sour Tangie earlier this week. It's a Sativa dominant strain and is a cross between East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie. Sour Diesel strains are already a fave so went in knowing I'd probably like it. I honestly got a nice buzz pretty quick, but it was energizing and relaxing at the same (if that makes sense). It also has a nice citrusy flavour.

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