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Get Hired: Here are the Best Practices in WHMIS, Harassment, and Violence Training

Employers are keen on hiring people who are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful work environment.

Understanding WHMIS

WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. It’s all about knowing how to handle dangerous materials safely at work. Getting trained in WHMIS is a clear signal to employers that you take safety seriously. The good news? This training is often available online, making it easy to add a valuable credential to your resume.

Harassment and Violence Training

Today, understanding how to prevent and address workplace harassment and violence is crucial. Employers prioritize creating safe, respectful environments, and they value candidates who are equipped to contribute to these goals. Training in these areas not only sets you apart but also arms you with the knowledge to handle tough situations effectively.

Best Practices When Looking for a Job

1. Stay Informed:

Keep up with the latest in safety regulations and training opportunities. Employers appreciate a proactive approach to learning.

2. Get Certified:

Earn certifications in WHMIS and harassment and violence prevention, if possible. These are not just points on your resume, they also demonstrate your readiness and responsibility.

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3. Highlight Your Knowledge:

On your resume and in interviews, talk about your training. Discuss how you’ve applied this knowledge in the past or how you intend to bring these practices into a new role.

4. Ask the Right Questions:

During interviews, inquire about the company’s safety practices and their policies on harassment and violence. This shows that you value a healthy workplace culture and helps you gauge if the role is the right fit for you.

5. Network Effectively:

Connect with people in your desired field to learn about industry standards and uncover job opportunities. Networking can often provide insights and leads that aren’t available through traditional job search methods.

6. Choose Wisely:

Aim for positions at companies that demonstrate a commitment to safety and respect. You’ll likely find more satisfaction and engagement in an environment that aligns with your values.
Your job search should reflect not only your qualifications, but also your commitment to creating a safe and respectful workplace. By focusing on safety and anti-harassment training, you not only enhance your resume but also prepare yourself to make a positive impact in the workforce.

Level up your workplace safety!

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