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Premier Cannabis Education for Your Workforce.

By equipping your employees with cannabis health, wellness and safety training, you can mitigate potential liability risks and promote responsible cannabis consumption.

Did You Know?

  ONE in TWELVE workers are using cannabis at a time that may affect their work.  

According to the 2019 Institute for Work & Health (IWH) study, 8% of workers are using cannabis within 2 hours before work, at work, during breaks, or the end of a shift at the workplace.

Out of the workers who reported cannabis use that year, 1 in 5 consumed cannabis during or around work time.
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A Complete Customizable Training Portal

Our cannabis learning portal offers a wide range of courses, covering various aspects of cannabis education, including medical and recreational cannabis, regulations, safety protocols, and more. Choose from our library of existing courses or collaborate with our experts to develop customized training modules specific to your industry and organization.
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Contact us today to explore how our customizable learning portal can meet your organization's unique training needs. Together, we can create a tailored experience that drives productivity, compliance, and overall success for your workplace.

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